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Welcome to Dumukwa Safaris!

We are located in the most Northern Province of
South Africa called the Limpopo Province. Our lodge are
built on the banks of the Limpopo River and with plenty
of Waterbuck to see in the riverine bush, this majestic
animal was the inspiration for our name which in Swahili
is called a Dumukwa.

Owned and operated by Bertus and Elene Gerhardt, this
company was officially established in 2000; however,
Bertus has been hunting the high Bushveld since he was
a small boy. Bertus who grew up in the South African
Bushveld  adapted naturally to his career as a hunting

He took out his first local client when he was only 7 years
old and acquired a lot of his skills from the natives while
herding sheep with them. He is fluent in Afrikaans, English
and several native languages. He has a very intense passion
for hunting and his tracking skills are second to none.

We have had the privilege to host over 800 hunters during 1451375 10201603885953263 417665716 n
the last 14 years, with some exceptional trophies taken;
numerous specimens that qualify for entry into the SCI record
books. We have been privileged to not only hunt but to
observe many of the earth’s most amazing animals, everything
from the iridescent beauty of the lilac breasted roller to
massive elephant, and marauding hippos in the river.

The simple Swahili word, safari means “journey” or “to travel”.
We hope that you will soon join us on a safari with your loved
ones and friends, as we are determined to make it an
experience for you that are unsurpassed by any other African
outfitter, a journey you will treasure forever!





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